For the third consecutive year 3D Wire celebrates its call for European Transmedia Projects. Aware of animation and video games live together and each idea becomes in a group of platforms which generates contents individually but also, connected themselves.

3D Wire presents a selection of 15 transmedia projects currently being developed. Girl and Wolf Roc Espinet project will form part of the conference Projects Presentation Friday October 7th. The Polish productions Grand Banda and Granny, Butch and Waffles by GS Animation, Grupa Smacznego and Zooper Film as well as Tesla – The Invention of a Dream by My Magical Thoughts and Carousel from Croatia also have a space in 3D Wire programme.


  1. Aladinho, by Rebeca Domínguez (ANDURIÑA PRODUCTIONS)
  2. Ana Juan. Dibujando al otro lado, by David Heras, Nuria Rodríguez (UNIT EXPERIMENTAL)
  3. Ante Chris, by Christopher Cittadini (SQUAREFISH)
  4. Cheempo – The Chimpanzee, by Jose Antonio Fernández (THE BOLD ANIMATION STUDIO, FUSION)
  5. Dinogames, by Lorena Ares y Carlos Fernández (MOONBITE STUDIOS)
  6. Girl and Wolf, by Roc Espinet (SPACEMAN PROJECT)
  7. Grand Banda, by Łukasz Kacprowicz y Marek Lachowicz (GS ANIMATION,. GRUPA SMACZNEGO, ZOOPER FILM)
  8. Granny, Butch and Waffles, by Lukasz Kacprowicz, Marcin Wasilewski, Robert Jaszczurowski, Szymon Adamski y otros (GS ANIMATION, GRUPA SMACZNEGO, ZOOPER FILM)
  10. Moonlihgter, by Javier Giménez (DIGITAL SUN)
  11. My Preschool Monsters, by Javier Martínez (BIG BANG BOX, KD PRODUCTIONS TOONS & GAMES)
  12. Orkyns – Unlock Their Powers, by Kari Juusonen (POD ENTERTAINMENT, MOKKO STUDIOS)
  13. Piccolino, by Giovanni Maccelli (ZAMPANÒ PRODUCCIONES)
  14. Tesla – The Invention of a Dream, de Branislav Brkich (MY MAGICAL THOUGHTS, CAROUSEL)
  15. Ulysse & Pallas, by Pierre Cattan (SMALL BANG)

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