In this edition 3D Wire Fest is composed of a total of 31 international short films and 14 national ones. All of them will fight to gain the jury and audience awards that would give them direct access to the preselection of the Goya Awards and the Cartoon d’Or, the highest European recognition in this sector.

A total of six free screenings will take place in La Cárcel_Segovia Centro de Creación (Sala Ex.Presa 1. Avda. Juan Carlos I s/n) between October 2th – 9th. The competitive section of the Festival consists on four sessions. Besides, a new children’s session to promote media literacy: Peque 3D Wire and a final screening of 3D Wire winners and finalists for Cartoon D’Or will complete the programme.


  1. Winter Love. Isabel Herguera, 8’, Drawing on Paper. Co-production with Italy
  2. Back Then. Diego Porral, 3’, 2D
  3. Water Path fo a Fish. Mercedes Marro, 8’, 2D. Co-production with Colombia, France
  4. Bloodsuckers. Emilio Gallego, Jesús Gallego, 2’, 2D
  5. Darrel. Marc Briones, Alan Carabantes, 4’, 3D Digital
  6. Decorado. Alberto Vázquez, 11’, 2D. Co-production with France
  7. Down by love. José Corral, 14’, 3D Digital. Co-production with Monaco
  8. Down to the Wire. Juan Carlos Mostaza, 13’, 3D Digital
  9. Made in Spain. Coke Riobóo, 12’, Stop motion
  10. The Kid and the Hedgehog. Marc Riba, Anna Solanas, 3’, Stop motion
  11. Three Fitted Flies. María Álvarez, Elisa Morais, 8’, 2D. Co-production with Lithuania
  12. You are not the strongest. Emilio Yebra, 1’, 2D, Drawing on paper
  13. Pichük’s Travels. Paco Cuesta, Manel Cráneo, 11’, 2D
  14. Vivir. Cesar Díaz Meléndez, 1’, Clay animation, Painting on glass


  1. Accidents, Blunders and Calamities. James Cunningham, 6’, 3D Digital, New Zealand
  2. Los aeronautas. León Fernández, 11’, Stop motion, Mexico
  3. Afternoon Class. Seoro Oh, 4’, 2D, South Korea
  4. The Alan Dimension. Jac Clinch, 8’, 2D, United Kingdom
  5. Bingo! Patrick Schoenmaker, 3’, 2D, Netherlands
  6. Borrowed Time. Andrew Coats, Lou Hamou-Lhadj, 7’, 3D Digital, USA
  7. Caminandes 3: Llamigos. Pablo Vázquez, 3’, 3D Digital, Argentina, Netherlands
  8. Caminho do gigantes. Alois Di Leo, 12’, 2D, Brasil
  9. A Coat Made Dark. Jack O’Shea, 10’, 2D, Ireland
  10. Cthupid. Giovanni Braggio, 2’, 2D, Italy
  11. Dernière porte au sud. Sacha Feiner, 15’, Puppets, Belgium, France
  12. Dissonance. Till Nowak, 15’, 3D Digital, Live action, Germany
  13. Escargore. Olivert Hilbert, 6’, 3D Digital, New Zealand
  14. Estilhaços. José Miguel Ribeiro, 18’, 2D, Drawing on paper, Portugal
  15. Gaidot Jauno Gadu. Vladimir Leschiov, 9’, Drawing on paper, Latvia
  16. Geist. Alex Sherwood, Ben Harper, Sean Mullen, 11’, 3D Digital, Ireland
  17. Happy End. Jan Saska, 6’, 2D, 3D Digital, Drawing on paper, Czech Republic
  18. Hound. Georgia Kriss, 5’, 2D, Australia
  19. Journal Animé. Donato Sansone, 5’, 2D, France
  20. Kaleidoscope. Catherine Dubeau, 3’, 2D, Canada
  21. Love. Reka Bucsi, 15’, 2D, 3D Digital, France, Hungary
  22. Lucens. Marcel Barelli, 7’, 2D, Drawing on paper, Switzerland
  23. Made in China. Vincent Tsui, 4’, 2D, France
  24. No-Go Zone. L’Atelier Collectif, 10’, Stop motion, Belgium
  25. None of That. Isabela Littger, Anna Paddock, Kriti Kaur, 5’, 2D, 3D Digital, Brasil, USA, India
  26. Otto. Salvatore Murgia, Dario Imbrogno, 2’, Stop motion, Italy
  27. Paniek! Joost Lieuwma, Daan Velsink, 6’, 2D, Netherlands
  28. Piano. Kaspar Jancis, 11’, 2D, Drawing on paper, Estonia
  29. Tea Time. T. Bourret, V. Delmon, F. Gris, J. Mifsud, R. Vincent, 7’, 3D Digital, France
  30. United Interest. Tim Weimann, 9’, 2D, Live action, Mixed techniques, Germany
  31. The Wrong end of the stick. Terri Matthews, 9’, Mixed techniques, United Kingdom

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