3D Wire will serve as reporting platform for 148 projects including 22 short films, 14 feature films, 22 animation series, 67 video games, 9 apps and 14 VR projects. A number that shows the importance of the event for all the sector and its attraction capacity of professionals within and outside our borders. Renowned producers as Manuel Sicilia, winner of a Goya, or Niko, creator of the fabulous series ‘Cálico Electrónico’, will attend this event to present their new proposals. In addition, the Movistar + Short Film Project Award with an amount of 9,000 euros in rights is incorporated.

3D Wire reveals the 148 projects which have been selected in its next edition. From 6th to 9th October, Segovia will be the reference point of the field of animation due to this event of great national and international impact. An ideal framework to show to the big part of the industry the works of which will be a lot of talking about in the coming months.

The director of the meeting, José Luis Farias, does not hesitate to affirm that ‘it is an honor that the creators choose 3D Wire as framework to present their latest works and the total number of projects is a clear demonstration of the strength of this sector in Spain.’ A total of 22 short films, 14 feature films, 22 animation series, 67 video games, 9 apps and 14 VR projects that are part of the essence of this market.

In the cinematographic section several projects draw attention both in short film and in feature film that will be presented during the event. Well-known names of the sector like the director winner of the Goya Manuel Sicilia, who, after the huge success of its previous film ‘Justin and the Knights of Valour’, and achieving substantial results in countries as diverse as Russia, England, Poland or South Korea, will present exclusively in Segovia the work in which he is currently working: ‘Little Bastards’.

Another two feature films that critics and public really wish to watch will focus the attention in one of the conferences. On the one hand, ‘Buñuel en el laberinto de las tortugas’ by Salvado Simó; story based in the footage of the documentary ‘Land Without Bread’ of the genius Luis Buñuel, and produced by Manuel Cristobal, who was part of the success of ‘Wrinkles’. On the other hand, ‘Klaus’, a project that is still in its funding phase of one of the most experienced professionals of Spain, Sergio Pablos. Pablos, the two-time nominee for the Annie Awards, is the artistic lifeblood of The Spa Studios, author of the idea of creating the blockbuster ‘Despicable Me’, film in which they also participated in the visual development.

Other projects  that will be presented in Segovia will be the feature film ‘Animagika’ by Javier Martínez, creative director of Big Bang Box, meanwhile Santi Riscos and Khris Cembe will do the same with ‘Caballero y mono’. Cembe, who has already participated in projects awarded with a Goya, like ‘Birdboy’, or the Ondas Awards, like the series ‘Arròs covat’, also will talk about his last short film ‘Soy una tumba’.

The short film plays an important role in 3D Wire, and especially in its festival aspect, and that is why this format has its space in the area of projects, with titles like ‘Hair’, by Christian Villacañas, Ramón Escolá and Manuel Suárez. A work created from a comic that revolutionized the sector thanks to its proposal of reading through Instagram.


Television series are another basic format for animation and in this area 3D Wire also brings some of the most innovative proposals. Super Épico (Anima Studios, Nikotxan), is the new creation of Niko, author of Calico Electrónico, a true viral phenomenon. Now, with this new project, Niko redefines the formula for success with very short chapters with lots of rhythm which try to catch the attention of the viewer from the first second. A long-awaited and exclusive presentation for the Segovia event, which will have the privilege of having the first details of this project but also of Mad Dinner, as well as the pre release exclusively the first chapter of Las Crónicas Trol, the new series he is co-producing with Ánima.

Another of the most long-awaited series is Mutant Busters by Freddy Córdoba Schwaneberg and Roger Córdoba. It is co-produced by Planeta Junior, European leader of content for children and youth entertainment, the toy factory Famosa and the animation studio Kotoc. Released in Spain and France and with great success, this project was recognized by the prestigious English media C21 as one of the most promising transmedia during Cartoon 360 in 2015.

Two more projects in his early steps of production are: Acción! By Paul Peñalver, an idea that aims to bring children the audiovisual culture in an original and fun way, produced by Altcontent and Uniko; and Spending days with Mr Cthulhu by Salba Combé, a work that is funding phase and which is made by Mr. Klaus Studio.

The studio Able & Baker will be another which will not miss the appointment, they will present Momochi by the Malagan Carlos Tschuschke, a preschool series which is the first original work of this type that this study makes. The aim of the series is to show where a child grows, how he recognizes his enviroment while he plays with the imagination and the ability to transform its reality.


Video games and the New Media are another way of innovation and experimentation for the world of animation and 3D Wire devotes special attention to them for that reason. In the eighth edition of this international market a total of 67 games, 9 apps and 14 VR projects will be presented with titles like Drawfighters of WildBit Studios for PS4, with a surprising aesthetic that embraces the cartoon style, the medieval epic atmosphere and the Mexican wrestling. Also, the study that won the first edition of the PlayStation Awards, Animatoon, will present its new bet: Moerakis which is oriented to the eSport world, its first teaser trailer was showed in the E3 of 2016.

A young independent study like Stage Clear, which achieved worldwide success with Shiny The Firefly, will also make a new proposal in VR, Project Sally.

The videogames have already been established as an art, and a clear demonstration of their symbiosis with other classic arts is M. The City in the Center of the World. A proposal by Gammera Nest that links the Thyssen-Bonemisza Museum and PlayStation, which delves into the narrative possibilities that can arise from this synergy.

As it regards to transmedia projects, Segovia will host proposals from all Europe, from the Spanish Chica y Lobo from the Barcelona citizen Roc Espinet, to the Polish Grand Banda and Mami Fatale by GS Animation, Grupa Smacznego and Zooper Film, through the Croatian project Tesla – The Invention of a Dream by My Magical Thoughts and Carousel.


This international reference market not only serves as a global showcase for the various projects and work, but the most outstanding works of this edition will be rewarded. The new thing this year and in this section will be the Movistar + Short Film Project Award. The short film project selected in this section will obtain the acquisition of rights by MoviStar+ for the money quantity of 9,000 euros for a period of 2 years and unlimited number of passes, being the first year exclusively for MoviStar+ Channel. In addition, the work will officially have its debut in the 2017 or 2018 edition of 3D Wire.

The public company RTVE offers us another year its interactive awards for best video game project and app respectively. Both awards are granted by the RTVE Interactive Media department; where the selected project can be presented to the Interactive Department of RTVE.

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