The winner short film of the Jury’s Prize for Best Spanish Short Film in 3D Wire may be shortlisted for the Goya Awards

Thanks to the AIC (Asociación de la Industria del Cortometraje – Short Film Industry Association) and 3D Wire as a novelty this year, the animated shorts must be pre-selected or they must have been winners of a qualifying festival for the Goya Awards.

This new rule, promoted by both organizations, benefits the access of national animation short films for the Goya Awards and reaffirms the continued support of the AIC and 3D Wire with the animation sector in Spain.

The short film must have participated in the Official Selection which qualify for the enrollment in the Goya Awards and to be the winner of at least one of the prizes which qualify for enrollment in them in one of the festivals marked by the Film Academy (Academia de Cine) to be able to be pre-selected. Or to have been selected in the Official Selection qualifying for Goya Awards registration in at least 3 of the festivals mentioned above.

In addition, all those animated shorts which have been selected in the Official Selection of international competitions and festivals (which didn’t take place in Spain) appearing on the list will be able to participate.

In the following link of the Film Academy’s website you can see the final list of the national and international festivals that allow the participation and selection of short films at the Goya Awards: http://www.academiadecine.com/descargas/publicaciones/31PremiosListadoFestivales.pdf

goya awards cubos

In the case of 3D Wire, the prize that will allow the registration in the Goya Awards will be the Jury Prize for the Best Spanish Short Film.

It is important to say that you must have the nationality certificate before the festival. For example, if a short has won the prize that gives access to the Goya Awards but before the start of the festival it had no nationality certificate, it can’t qualify for a prize.

Also, the Spanish nationality certificate (which is given by the Institute of Cinematography and Audiovisual Arts or by the respective organism in each Autonomous Community) must be dated between 1 January 2015 and 30 September 2016.

You can download the rules and regulations here.

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