3D Wire in its eighth edition has released its awards that recognize the best works and projects within animation, video games and new media sector. The German short film Dissonance, the Franco-Hungarian Love and the Spanish Decorado have been awarded by the jury, with a special mention for the Spanish Three Fitted Flies. Meanwhile, the co-production Brazil, United States and India, None of That and also the Spanish Darrel, have been chosen by the audience. Regarding the projects: Mum’s the Word by Khris Cembe receives the Movistar + Short Film Project Award, while M. The City in the Center of the World (Nubla, Episode 2) by Gammera Nest, The Delusions of Von Sottendorff and his Squared Mind by Delirium Studios, Ana Juan, Drawing On the Other Side by Unit Experimental and Superbarista by Appnormals Team, have been recognized in the areas of video games, VR video game and app, respectively.

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3D Wire, international market of animation, video games and new media, has revealed its eighth edition’s awards. The list of winners includes the most outstanding works and projects both nationally and internationally. Segovia event which closed Sunday 9th its eighth edition, it has become a key meeting place for the industry professionals where in addition to the screenings, there are also presentations, lectures, meetings and roundtables that promote the creation of a network for all attendees.

In the short film section, the jury composed of Luce Grosjean, executive director of Sève Films, the Italian Paolo Polesello, knowing in depth the sector and associate producer for crowdfunding, the Spanish Rebeca Núñez, animator at Ankama Animations, and US Amid Amidi, publisher and editor of Cartoon Brew, have distinguished in the international section the German short film Dissonance by Till Nowak. Nowak’s work adds this award to those obtained in such prominent events as Annecy, Berlin, Edinburgh or the European Film Awards. It has also been awarded the Franco-Hungarian Love, by Reka Bucsi; an author who with her second short film confirms and reaffirms her projection as a name to watch in the industry. Finally, the winner of a Goya, Alberto Vazquez, won the prize for best national short film with his last work Decorado, thanks to this award Vazquez returns to the fight for the top prize of Spanish cinema since it obtains direct preselection; on the other hand, Three Fitted Flies by Elisa Alvarez and Maria Morais has received a special mention.

The audience plays a key role in 3D Wire and therefore it also choose its favorites. The best international short film for the audience was None of That, a coproduction Brazil, USA and India and directed by Isabela Littger, Anna Paddock and Kriti Kaur. Among the Spanish works, Darrel by Marc Briones and Alan Carabantes, has been the favorite of those attending the screenings hold in La Cárcel_Segovia Centro de Creación. The festival, the only in Spain which preselects for Cartoon d’Or, open the doors to all the awarded European works in this edition.



3D Wire is also characterized by its analytical spirit and make a firm commitment to the future of the sector; an example of this is the 148 projects selected this edition. Works that have been studied and evaluated in order to settle the awards given this event in the city of Segovia.

One of the main novelties of this year has been the incorporation of the Movistar+ Short Film Project Award which was awarded to Mum’s the Word by Khris Cembe, this selection will involves the acquisition of rights by Movistar+ amounting to 9,000 euros for a period of 2 years and unlimited number of passes, the first year exclusively for the channel. In addition, the work will be officially released in 2017 or 2018 edition of 3D Wire.

RTVE grants as every year its interactive project awards for best video game and app respectively. The game: M. The City in the Center of the World (Nubla, Episode 2) by Gammera Nest and the app: Superbarista by Appnormals Team, were the winners in the two categories respectively. The Virtual Reality (VR) has been one of the main subjects in this edition and therefore, the entity introduces a section that values this technology; the winner of the most innovative VR video game project has been Ana Juan, Drawing On the Other Side by Unit Experimental. All these awards are selected by the RTVE Interactive Media Department and they could be presented to this Department.

Finally, also The Delusions of Von Sottendorff and his Squared Mind by Delirium Studios, was recognized by Cartoon Games best video game project award.


3D Wire ‘s awards also reflects one of the bets of the event, its purpose of being a platform for launching new promises. A clear example of this is the “2D Young Talent Award” by Toon Boom Animation which awarded to Christian Villacañas and Diego Porral.

Similarly, special awards for training purposes are those granted by the Battle of Animators, whose winners get a course of animation. The first prize went to S.P.A.M. while the second was for Pinxos House 6.

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